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Introducing what3words in the My Triumph app. Every 3m square of the world has been given a unique address made of 3 words. So you can enter 3 words into the app to set any precise destination or waypoint, no matter where you’re headed!




What3words provides a precise and incredibly simple way to talk about location. We have divided the world into a grid of 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3 word address. It means anywhere can be found with 3 simple words.



When entering a destination in the app, like a traditional address you can now type a 3 word address (for example: ropes.before.dive) to set the turn by turn navigation to that 3m square.



In trouble?

What3words is used by emergency services to locate people who have had accidents in hard to describe locations. By pressing the what3words icon in the My Triumph app you will see the 3 word address for your current location. If you're in trouble, the 3 word address will make it easy to say where you are.

Triumph What3words South africa

Why is what3words important?

Triumph is the first bike manufacturer in the world to use what3words; a strong selling point for the Triumph connected bike offering,

Triumph What3words Croatia

how can i find a 3 word address?

You can find the 3 word address for a particular spot by pressing the what3words icon in the app and dragging the icon to the correct square (hint: toggle to satellite view to see exactly which 3m square is correct). This is also an easy way to add waypoints to your route.

Alternatively, you can find 3 word addresses by using the free what3words app or mapsite. Also, businesses and individuals are increasingly sharing their 3 word addresses to make it easier to find them (why not do the same for your dealership?)



What is what3words?

What3words is a global addressing system that has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique what3words address – made up of three dictionary words. 



Why has Triumph Motorcycles integrated what3words location technology into the My Triumph app?

Integrating what3words into the Bluetooth-compatible My Triumph Mobile App means that Triumph riders can use the what3words function of the app to navigate the world more easily and to meet friends in places without addresses, such as scenic roadside viewpoints or meeting places

Triumph have recognised the potential of what3words and by bringing it to our customers we are removing the complexity associated with navigation and are providing a smoother & safer riding experience.


What’s wrong with the street addresses we have already?

Even in the best-addressed cities in the world, street addresses are surprisingly unreliable and unhelpful when you’re trying to navigate. Street names are often duplicated; there are 14 Church Roads in London, for example. Place names can also be confusingly similar and easy to mistake when you type them into a navigation system.

Then there’s the accuracy issue; street addresses drop a map pin in the centre of a building, but they can’t help you find a specific entrance or car park. This means that even when you have a building number, address and postcode, you’re still left driving around trying to work out exactly where you’re meant to be.

And finally, street addresses don’t cover many places our riders like to go. Beaches, parks and scenic viewpoints all have roads and car parks, but no addresses to use for navigation. Customers generally enter the address of the nearest building and then try to work it out themselves – hardly a smooth and enjoyable experience.



What are the advantages of what3words?

Triumph chose to collaborate with what3words to provide precise, easy to use navigation to our riders. what3words addresses are easier to remember than a postal address and can be shared more accurately than any other location reference system, which makes it an ideal navigation solution for our adventurous riders.

Whether they’re headed to a scenic roadside viewpoint, meeting place or exploring hard to find trails, Triumph riders will be able to find their way easily, anywhere in the world. 

There are also enormous safety benefits of riders using what3words. Over 80 emergency services in the UK now accept what3words, so if a rider was to have an accident in a remote location they could find their what3words address through the My Triumph app. Then share their specific location to any participating emergency services, helping to improve their response time.


Which Triumph models can I use what3words technology on?

Any blue-tooth enabled bikes with the latest TFT instrument pack will be enabled to use what3words via the My Triumph app.

To use what3words on any other models they must have a TFT display and either factory installed bluetooth or aftermarket dealer installed bluetooth.


Where do I get what3words addresses from?

You can discover what3words addresses from what3words app or web by pressing anywhere on the map for the corresponding address. Just like a traditional address, you should always ask for a what3words address and always give a what3words address. They’re being used all over the world in guide books like Lonely Planet, restaurant listings, email signatures, and invitations.