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Triumph Performance Lubricants
Brand Triumph Motorcycles 8th huhti 2024

Triumph Motorcycles has partnered with FUCHS Silkolene to develop a new line-up of ester-based oils, maintenance and cleaning products; Triumph Performance Lubricants.

Working together, FUCHS Silkolene and Triumph’s world leading engineering team have developed superior formulations with Ester compounds, specifically designed to offer optimum protection and performance of Triumph’s wide motorcycle range.

The Triumph Performance Lubricants range of top-tier fully synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oils has been meticulously developed for amplified power, optimal engine protection, and unwavering reliability in all riding conditions.  

All new Triumph Motorcycles will leave our production facilities pre-filled with Triumph Performance Lubricants, as our new standard specification.

Additionally, Triumph Performance Lubricants will be a major sponsor of our new off-road motorcross racing programmes throughout 2024 and beyond, supporting the exclusive use of our new Performance Lubricants products in these racing motorcycles. 

The comprehensive range of workshop maintenance and cleaning products will also include brake fluid, chain lube, cleaners, grease and copper paste. Offering excellent lubricating properties as well as thermal and oxidative stability and low volatility, the exclusive range will only be available through official Triumph dealers.



Triumph Motorcycles CEO Nick Bloor said: “This collaboration with FUCHS Silkolene will help us deliver an even better and more premium standard of customer service and maintenance, as well as ensuring our motorcycles deliver the very best in performance and value. It is part of our Total Care offer for customers, where we strive to deliver an exceptional ownership experience for all our customers through our trusted dealer network, promising premium service and genuine products. Triumph Performance Lubricants will now be the only lubricant products recommended by Triumph Motorcycles.

“Working with FUCHS Silkolene has enabled us to tailor cleaning products and oils that can enhance and protect our motorcycle ranges, ensuring that our dealers using and offering Triumph Performance Lubricants can help our customers enjoy the ride even more, and for even longer.

Stefan Fuchs, Chairman and CEO of FUCHS SE added: “FUCHS is very proud to announce our partnership with a prestigious & iconic brand such as Triumph. Working in partnership with the Triumph R&D team, FUCHS has developed a range of Triumph Performance Lubricants, utilizing the very latest lubricant technology that will ensure Triumph motorcycles will maintain optimum engine performance & protection throughout the motorcycle’s lifespan.

“Together with a comprehensive range of premium engine oils and maintenance products, Triumph customers will be able to select the very best products for their motorcycles that have been developed, tested, and approved by Triumph.

Available from Spring 2024, customers in the UK, US and Europe will be able to book a service using the new lubricants or purchase direct from their local dealer, with a phased roll-out to Triumph’s global dealer network following in 2025.

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